Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology interfaces with the legal and justice systems. The Toowoomba clinic provide a range of services in the field of Forensic Psychology including:

Provision of expert psychological evidence including written reports, e.g.,pre-trial assessments, parenting competency assessments, family reports, assessment of psychological status or damages, and /or oral evidence in courts and other tribunals.

Consultation in areas of the legal and justice system such as correctional services, workplace safety, child protection, victims’ needs, and mediation (includingchild focused).

Delivery of research and clinical service such as counselling children affected by divorce, treatment of substance use disorders, anger management, psychotherapy for victims of crime, and parenting training.

Background Training and Work in Forensic Psychology

Dr Henry is a Member of The Australian Psychological Society College of Forensic Psychologists. Her doctoral research in forensic psycholgy developed a Personal Injury Scale to assist Psychosocial Assessment in the Medico-Legal Setting. She has worked in the area of personal injury as a Pain Psychologist in The Princess Alexander Multidisciplinary (Surgical) Pain Clinic, and in the HCA (Rehabilitation) Pain Clinic, focusing on design and delvery of chronic pain and early intervention rehabilitation programmes. She has presented appled research papers on management of injured workers at national conferences of The Australian Pain Society and The Australian College of Rehabilitation Medicine. In private practice at Silver Place, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, she consulted with management staff of WorkCover Queensland in design of rehabilitation for populations with chronic illnesses.


Dr Henry is registered with The Attorney General Department as a mediator, child focused. Dr Henry works with a comediator in family dispute resolution.

Collaborative Family Law Practice

 Dr Henry is trained to deliver  services as a Communications Specialist, and as a Child Specialist,  in an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Law Team, aimed at facilitating dispute resolution out of court.