Psychology Services

Care is tailored to you as an individual

Assessment during initial consultation leads to a treatment plan that best meet individual needs and differences in clients.

Therapy Approaches

Therapy approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) are utilised in the clinic as they have been evaluated and their utility shown in clinical research trials.

What happens when I see a Psychologist?

The first session typtically involves assessing what your expectations are, provision of information  to assist  understanding of your concerns, and the areas of life which are impacted upon.

Some collection of information by  psychological questionnaires is likely to be involved to help develop a clear understanding of your individual needs, and to lead to an individual treatment plan. Please bring your reading glasses if needed for reading and writing. A proposed treatment plan will then be discussed with ySesou.

How long are the sessions? 

Appointments can generally be expected to be at least 55 minutes in duration. However, depending on the nature of the referral, some initial sessions may take longer. If a period longer than 55 minutes is expected for collection of information and understanding of the issues involved, you will be advised before the consultation.

With some referrals a report will need to be prepared from information arising from your initial consultation, and sent to your referral source, e.g., an insurance company, so that treatment sessions can be approved.

What happens in the sessions?

Treatment sessions  include explamation of  the type of therapy and skills training that you will be introduced to, and will practise, in clinical sessions. Practice of relevant skills takes place initially in sessions. Typically, after each session, some homework practice of skills  is suggested. This may include reading or  listening to resource material, or recording information for use in your next session. This approach is aimed to help you make the transition from practice of self-regulation strategies in the clinic to use of them in day life.


Psychologists are bound by the legal requirements of the National Privacy Principles from the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and follow strict guidelines for professional conduct that include confidentiality.

Any information disclosed remains confidential. Information is not released without your prior written permission, except under certain circumstances required by relevant State and Commonwealth legislation. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have regarding confidentiality.

If you would like further information about your rights as a client of a psychologist, please refer to our Charter for Clients of Psychologists, a copy of which is available in the clinic.

Mediation/ Child Informed Services

Dr Henry is registered with the Attorney General Department to provide Family Dispute Resolution Services as a Mediator/ Child Focused. She can also provide services as a Child Specialist.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice

 Dr Henry can provide services as a Mental Health Professional or Child Specialist  in an interdisciplinary collaborative law team  working with clients in alternate dispute resolution  outside court. Dr Henry is a Psychology Member of The Queensland Collaborative Law Association, The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and The Family Law Practitioners’ Association. .


Dr Henry can provide supervision as an Australian Psychological Society (APS) College Supervisor for the Colleges of Clinical, Forensic, and Organisational Psychology. She can also provide supervision as a STAP supervisor accredited by the Psychologists Registration Board of Queensland.

To make an Appointment

Confidential appointments are available for individuals, couples and families to work with a Clinical Psychologist. For appointments please contact us on Phone 0746392486 or Email . Please note that a cancellation policy applies to all appointments. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will attract a cancellation fee